Unit 15 Victoria Trading Estate, Victoria Roche
Unit 15 Victoria Trading Estate, Victoria Roche
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Unit 15 Victoria Trading Estate, Victoria Roche
+44 (0)1726 858397
The Logo for A&P Southern Doors Ltd in red and blue
+44 (0)1726 858397

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Dock Levellers Cornwall  

Here at A&P Southern Doors, we specialise in supplying exceptional dock levellers tailored to businesses across Cornwall. We aim to provide the best-performing solutions to facilitate safe, efficient loading and unloading operations. These solutions work best with our Industrial Doors.

Go Beyond the Standard Loading Dock with A&P Southern Doors' Dock Levellers

While a standard loading dock allows access to vehicles, it has a fixed height and limited functionality. Installing one of our Cornwall dock levellers enhances operations with:

Adjustable Heights Our dock levellers can adjust to the perfect height for various vehicles. This prevents large disruptive gaps between the warehouse floor and trailer that pose safety hazards.

Gradient Control The gradual decline of our dock leveller platforms allows a smooth, stable transition of forklifts and cargo. This prevents jolts and accidental drops that damage goods.

Weather Protection We offer fully weatherproof shelters and seals to enable year-round operations unaffected by rain, wind or cold temperatures.

Impact Resistance With robust steel construction built to last, our dock levellers withstand harsh industrial environments and heavy loads over years of intense use.

At A&P Southern Doors, we understand the demands of logistics facilities in Cornwall. Talk to our experts about the ideal dock leveller to maximise the safety, efficiency and capacity of your loading yard operations.

Image of 3 docks with dock levellers - A&P Southern Doors Specialising in Domestic Garage Doors

Cornwall Dock Levellers

Dock levellers bridge the gap between a loading dock and a truck or trailer, providing a smooth and safe transition for forklifts and other material handling equipment during loading and unloading. They are crucial in facilitating efficient and ergonomic movement of goods, minimising the risk of accidents and damages.

Key Features:

  • Durable construction with robust materials ensures long-lasting performance and support for heavy loads.
  • Various types available, including hydraulic, mechanical, and air-powered, to suit different loading dock requirements.
  • Height adjustability allows seamless alignment between dock and truck/trailer, accommodating various vehicle heights.
  • Smooth and controlled operation enhances safety, reducing the potential for accidents and equipment damage.
  • Safety features such as lip extension, toe guards, and safety barriers prevent personnel from falling off the dock.
  • Customisable options available to meet specific load capacities, platform sizes, and environmental conditions.
Benefits of Our Cornwall Dock Levellers:
  • Robust steel construction built to handle heavy industrial use
  • Hydraulic, mechanical or air-powered options available
  • Adjustable platform heights for easy vehicle access
  • Gradual decline control emphasises safety
  • Fully customisable configurations

We offer unbeatable durability and reliability. Our Cornwall dock levellers represent an outstanding value by driving productivity and minimising workplace incidents.

For affordable and durable dock levellers purpose-built for Cornwall, choose A&P Southern Doors. Contact us today to discuss the perfect solutions for your loading facility requirements!

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